Educate Your Tenants to Avoid Damage to Your Property Part 1

How to avoid stains and damages that need professional cleaning, repair or replacement…

As promised in another post I’m starting a series of how to articles that can help you educate your tenants on how to care for you property and SAVE you money! Follow me for this series and more articles like this coming in the future.

Absorb Spill on CarpetWhen ever my kids spill something liquid on the carpet, the first step is to use an absorbent cloth set it on top of the spill. Do not rub! Rubbing spills actually causes the liquid to further affect the carpet fibers. More damage is done this way, which also makes the stain harder to clean up later. After soaking as much as possible into an absorbent cloth without applying pressure, then start to pat the area dry (apply pressure without rubbing), and continue this process until your cloth absorbs no more liquid. For sugar containing liquids (soda) you may also want to use a wet vac or shop vac. rinse and extract the area.

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