Educate Your Tenants to Avoid Damage to Your Property Part 2

Did you know that carpet acts like a large air filter in a home or apartment? Most people I talk to did not realize it was the case. For your tenants to have optimal living conditions (good air quality and clean floors), we recommend vacuuming weekly to remove the soil that has walked onto the carpet. The vacuuming process is akin to changing the air filters in the HVAC system, it should be done regularly for the best performance of the home.

In addition to keeping the carpet clean and free from dirt, vacuuming will also remove the filtered dust, mold spores, dust mites, skin cells and many other types of particulate matter that builds up in the carpet. At a minimum I would recommend vacuuming the carpets every month. Beyond the air quality benefits your tenants will gain, this cleaning will also prevent premature wearing out of your carpets due to fiber breakdown from soil friction.

By informing your tenants about the facts above you may convince them to better care for you rental unit!

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