Educate Your Tenants to Avoid Damage to Your Property Part 3

This is what a small to medium size water leak can look like. If your tenants ever see this, they should let you know immediately. When you are able to find and stop the source of water damage in a rental unit early you will save yourself and your tenants a great deal of headaches and stress.

When you see this type of damage you should start by:

  • Checking if there is still moisture present by using a pin moisture meter or an inductive moisture meter.
  • Check to see if there is mold in the ceiling (especially if it is still wet) using a fiberoptic camera
  • While using the camera try to determine the source of the water if it is in the rafter space.
  • If the leak is not in the rafter space start a broader search of the roof and all water sources located above the damaged area. The damage does not necessarily have to be directly above the visible damage water can move through walls, floors, etc. I begin my search directly above and work out from there.

3 Options to Move Forward and Repair:

  • If the ceiling is wet and the time of damage cannot be ascertained with certainty, we recommend replacement of the sheetrock. Use containment barriers if there is any chance of mold.
  • If the ceiling is wet and the time of damage is known to be within 48 hours, and no mold is present. You may be able to dry the ceiling and use encapsulating paint to fix the stains.
  • If the ceiling is not wet and no mold growth is present, you may be able to use an encapsulating paint to fix the staining.

If you have properties in the Kansas City Metro Area and you have questions or need help mitigating water damage. Call Marvelous Restoration 816-837-0083 or Email us for non emergencies:

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