How To Dry Out Your Home After a Water Damage

When there is water in your rental unit the goal is to dry everything ASAP! You are probably thinking duh! Well, now I will tell you how to dry as fast as possible:

Extract all water from carpet and pad, and for even faster dry times pull back the carpet and remove the pad. If you remove the pad a shop vac or other non-commercial wet vacuum may be enough.

Check the walls with a moisture meter, if they are much more than 20% saturated then remove the base boards. Depending on the material they can be saved for reuse. You can start the first day by popping them out 1-2 inches.


Check Relative Humidity Levels. They should be below 40% RH by day two if possible.

If the walls are saturated at near 100% consider a 2ft cut to remove the drywall that is wet. We always cut in 2ft increments as it makes put-back cheaper and easier.

Place low voltage air movers and Low Grain Dehumidifiers in the space. You should have at least one air mover floating the carpet. and others moving air over every effected surface. Dehumidifiers are more complicated.

Find the AHAM rating for the dehumidifier.

Next determine the cubic footage of your affected area (this is any area that is connected to the problem area and cannot be closed off behind a door. If you are not familiar with this calculation take the floor area (width x length) multiply it by the height of the ceiling. If there are multiple ceiling heights perform 2 (or more as needed) calculations and add them together. Sometimes Trigonometry can be used in special room configuration situations or a conservative estimate can be used.

The formula: Divide Cubic Footage of Affected Area by the Class Divisor (see chart below) = Pints of Dehumidification required divide by the Pints Per Day AHAM Rating I told you to find in step 5 to get the Number of Units Required for the job.

Wait 24 hours and then Check Humidity again and walls and other structures. Make changes in air movement and dehumidification as needed and repeat every 24 hours as needed until dry.

If this is all too much for you to consider, then consult with your local water damage professional in your city.


Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4






I would love to know if you find this helpful message or connect with me and that will help me decide the type of how-to articles I write in the future. Thanks!

Disclaimer: This is a basic list of steps for informational purposes, it might be altered by a professional onsite. There can be more complexities and steps required depending on the situation.

Michael Hunter Marvelous Restoration from Kansas City, Missouri

Preventative maintenance to avoid removing water from basement

A good way to avoid removing water from your basement is to test your basement sump pump(s), common problems and simple fixes.

First of all to test your sump pump you need to raise the water level in the sump pit. Do this by dumping water into the pit until the float switch is activated and the water starts to pump out.

As most people will know the purpose of a sump pump is to prevent water damage in a basement space by removing ground water before it can come into the basement. It is important to test them prior to vacations or long vacancies from a property. But it is still recommended to have someone checking the property in the interim.


What if the pump does not work during the test?

1. Be sure the sump pump is plugged ( a common oversight)

2. Check that the breaker is not tripped (turned off).

3. Check the outlet pipe for freezing and clogging.

4. Be sure that it directs water away from your property.

5. Clean the hole in the discharge line

6. Check the motor is running smoothly.

Consider adding a backup battery to your sump pump so that it functions during power outages, which can happen with heavy rainstorms. The last thing you want is to get damage because your pump had no power!

I hope that this how to about sump pumps was helpful!

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