How To: Dry Out Your Structure After a Water Damage in 10 Steps.

The following steps should be performed by a professional if you are not qualified and do not know how to perform them. Call us immediately: 816-837-0083

When there is water in your home or rental unit the goal is to dry everything ASAP! 

1. As soon as possible shutoff the source(s) of the water damage.

2. Extract all water from carpet and pad, and for even faster dry times pull back the carpet and remove the pad.

3. Check the walls with a moisture meter, if they are much more than 15-20% saturated then remove the base boards.

4. Check Relative Humidity Levels. They should be below 40% RH by day two.

5. Place low voltage air movers and Low Grain Dehumidifiers in the effected area.

Dehumidifiers are more complicated:

6. Find the AHAM rating for the dehumidifier(s).

7. Next determine the cubic footage of your affected area.

8. Divide Cubic Footage of Affected Area by the Class Divisor (see chart below) = Pints of Low Grain Dehumidification Needed

Divisor  Class 1  Class 2  Class 3  Class 4

LGR       100           50           40            50


9. “Block” any furnature that can not be moved out of the water damage area (lift so that it does not touch wet carpet, pad or other wet materials. Use styrofoam or plastic blocks to achieve this.)

10. Wait 24 hours and then Check Moisture and Humidity again in walls and other structures. Make changes in air movement and dehumidification as needed and repeat every 24 hours until dry.

Note: See our related post about how to pick dehumidifiers here:

If this sounds like more than you want to take care of, calculate or keep track of, or if you need to file for an insurance claim, We are here to help. Marvelous Restoration serves the greater Kansas City Metro.

Give us a call ASAP after you find out about the water loss: 816-837-0083. Even in the middle of the night we are on call and can help you mitigate (prevent) further loss!

If you have non-emergency questions feel free to Call as well, or Email

Disclaimer: This is a basic list of steps for informational purposes, it might be altered by a professional onsite. There can be more complexities and steps required depending on the situation. We make no guarantees regarding this process and accept no liability if you choose to try it on your own.

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