I Think I Have A Small Water Damage In My Property…Now What!?!

Marvelous ceiling discolor

Water damage may present as discoloration, misshaped finish materials (drywall, baseboards, etc.), paint bubbling etc. Use a moisture meter to determine the extent of the damage. If it is a small damage that just happened, fix the cause and dry or replace the damaged materials.

How: For discolored ceilings we usually recommend that the sheetrock be replaced, because people rarely know how long these slow leaks have been there. That being said there can be some cases where a coat or two of encapsulation/stain blocking paint might do the trick. In that case we recommend using a fiberoptic camera to inspect the other side of the sheetrock to be sure that there is not any mold growth from sitting water.

BubblePaint5-300x225 Sometimes this is even possible from a light fixture box or other access that is already present. If no access is present a 1 inch hole can be drilled or you can cut-in a low voltage box with a blank plate if you think you may want access again in the future for inspections. If you choose to replace the damage, then cut out the wet/damaged area and install new.

Marvelous Restoration has the experience and training to help you fix any problem that you could encounter. Just give us a call: 816-837-0083 anytime 24/7/365. Every situation is different and we recommend a professional gets involved ASAP to let you know what type of situation you have.


If your properties are in the Kansas City Metro you can call Marvelous Restoration for Help: 816-837-0083 or Email: Help@marvelousrestoration.com


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