Prevent Water Damage Through Maintenance Checks: Part 1 – Sump Pumps

Water damage can come from many locations and sources with in a property. Regular maintenance checks on your properties can save you a lot of money and avoid many emergency issues by finding problems before they turn into costly issues. Today I will talk about testing your basement sump pump(s), common problems and simple fixes.

First of all to test your sump pump you need to raise the water level in the sump pit. Do this by dumping water into the pit until the float switch is activated and the water starts to pump out.

What you will need:

  • 2-5 gallon bucket
  • water source to fill your bucket (usually a bathroom tub or garden hose)

You might also require if you need to clean around the pump pit or pump outlet:

  • A shovel
  • a hand trowel
  • flathead screw driver

As most people will know the purpose of a sump pump is to prevent water damage in a basement space by removing ground water before it can come into the basement. It is important to test them prior to vacations or long vacancies from a property. But it is still recommended to have someone checking the property in the interim.

What if the pump does not work during the test?

  1. Be sure the sump pump is plugged ( a common oversight)
  2. Check that the breaker is not tripped (turned off).
  3. Check the outlet pipe for freezing and clogging.
  4. Be sure that it directs water away from your property.
  5. Clean the hole in the discharge line
  6. Check the motor is running smoothly.

Consider adding a backup battery to your sump pump so that it functions during power outages, which can happen with heavy rainstorms. The last thing you want is to get damage because your pump had no power!

I hope that this how to about sump pumps was helpful!

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